Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire – is the jewel of the Mojave Desert, located in Nevada. Approximately eighty kilometers away is the gambling capital of the world – Las Vegas. Therefore, many gamblers who want to relax for a day or even half a day from the casino noise and neon lights of the Strip, go here. To more or less to organize this process, even in 1935 there was opened the eponymous state park “Valley of Fire” area of ​​14.2 hectares. However, despite its venerable age, many travelers complain that not noted a large number of attractions on the park map. To this we shall return, but now let’s talk about the name of the place. One has only to say: “Valley of Fire”, a variety of options will be coming to a head. So, someone will present the area in which literally everything is burning. Another comes to mind sultry desert. The second option is closer to the real state of affairs, but it is not quite true. Thus, the Valley of Fire derives its name from the presence here of red sand formations that were formed back in the Mesozoic era with large sand dunes (this process began about 150 million years ago). And when the sun, the impression created is raised like a park lit by fire. The most fantastic picture can be seen during sunrise and sunset. If we talk about the pore of the year, the most the best time to visit – it is spring, when blossoms calendula, mallow and indigo. Apart from these you can meet more and creosote.

In the study it was found that the local beauty have formed conglomerates, limestone and slate. On the map of Nevada Valley of Fire has been marked as a historic landmark №150, so finding it will not be difficult even without the knowledge of the English language. The park is designed in such a way that through it from east to west is a road with a length of approximately 16.9 kilometers. Traveling through this area should not rely on paper maps or signs that help find local beauty. But you can look for their digital versions, which are people that have visited here. Of course, the functionality of the program will be different, but the coordinates of the points of interest and the best time to visit, as a rule, is indicated. In the summer you must be prepared for high temperatures, which rolled over the mark of 40 degrees Celsius, so it is more popular to visit this place in winter.

One of the most famous attractions of this place – the rock Atlanta. It is a large stone inscribed with ancient Indian petroglyphic marks that were left there for more than three thousand years ago! It is worth noting that you can find quite a lot of stones, has an amazing and bizarre forms. It is necessary to give your imagination run wild, and here you can see almost anything. Bridges, palaces, animals – all this can be seen here, in sharpened stones. Also popular is the formation that at first glance could be mistaken for the cave. But this is misleading. If you go inside, you can understand that this is just a long arch. Some of them are just a number, but sometimes creating a skylight from which you can look out. Also quite interesting and a local “beehive” the Valley of Fire. So-called rock formation that looks like a hive of wild bees.

In the Valley of Fire and has its unofficial symbol – a fiery wave. Here geological formations are arranged in such a way that the impression as if the rocks roll to far distance. In addition to the Fiery Waves More on the status of informal characters pretend Crazy Hill, Cave Fire and Thunder Arch. When you visit these places must be mentally prepared for the fact that the journey will not be easy. Thus, the fiery cave (which is formed of several branched arches that formed the gallery) is near at one of the many breaks, so the stray people that relied on the coordinates are often surprised when they expect to see one thing and see something else. But that’s just once again shows us how important it is to pay attention to detail and examine everything that is possible. Just 150 meters away from it (which is quite a bit by the standards of the Valley of Fire) is Crazy Hill. But to see him at the exit of the cave not to turn the Fire – review will cover the surrounding formation. But one has only to climb one of the surrounding rock, it opens in all its glory. Crazy Hill got its name thanks to the coolness, and because of the appearance. Regarding the latter may give the impression that work on it impressionist painter. Even though it is difficult, but still try to describe how it looks attraction Valley of Fire. Imagine that the first stone poured pink paint. Then the process was repeated, but this time with white. And at the end of the yellow paint used. And so many times. From Crazy Hill to Thunder Arch about a hundred meters, if not less. Despite the grand name, beautiful and fascinating features, in reality it is very small. Under her adult can fit only in the event that he will sit down on his haunches.

When the sun goes down, the Valley of Fire becomes habitual for itself an orange-yellow color, and the whole area takes on a bluish tinge. Therefore, we can safely say that this place has a very bright palette, and can demonstrate such a play of colors that few where you will meet. Complementing the overall picture of the availability of water masses that are represented Virgin River and Lake Mead. Such a contrast to the dry places and full-flowing bodies of water creates a picture that in its own delights and fascinates. Even more surprising, that there peacefully for thousands of years people lived. The very first settlers here were representatives of Anasazi Indian tribe, the ancestors of modern Pueblo. They are preserved quite a lot of different tracks, and archaeological expeditions do not stop to find something new. The first settlers, the Anasazi came here as hunters and gatherers. Over time, this place has come to play an important role in religious beliefs, and in the vicinity of the beginning of agriculture to flourish. All this was learned through petroglyphs, which are deposited in several different places, and not only on the Atlanta rock. By the way, in the Valley of Fire is found quite a lot of wild animals. But most of them prefer the night life. Among the animals you can meet antelopes, foxes, bobcats, rabbits, skunks, coyotes, ground squirrels, lizards and snakes. And if you can observe the rare desert tortoise, then consider that you’re lucky!

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