Kawah Ijen

Today we will have a story about a very unusual place, which even in dreams can hardly dream. But believe me, it really exists. Meet — Kawah Ijen volcano, also known as the world’s only volcano with lava blue! In its surroundings you can find hot springs, waterfalls, volcanic landscapes and many other things that formed as a result of volcanic activity. But first things first.

Initially, let’s understand the name. One single name for this place does not exist. Immediately he called Ijen volcano. And in it there is a large sulphurous lake, called Kawah. But along with this there is a volcanic complex, which is also called Ijen. And in order not to stray, the main subject of the story and called Kawah Ijen.  

Located it is a miracle of nature on the island of Java and is the boundary of two districts: Banuvangi and Bondovoso. In a neighborhood area of ​​about twelve thousand people. In addition to the caldera, which will be given to the basis of the attention, there can still be found stratovolcanoes, volcanic cones and craters. It’s located in a radius of twenty kilometers from Kawah Ijen. In order to ascend to it enough to spend a couple of hours. Special physical preparation for this is not required. Kawah Lake, located in the caldera has a maximum diameter of about one kilometer, and its deepest point is at a depth of two hundred meters. Its beach — a large deposit of natural sulfur. The truth is due to a number of negative aspects since the start of monitoring of the lake, it ploschat decreased by more than ten times.

On this site, you can tell a lot, but I will not pull, and start with his raisin — blue lava. How is this possible? To be fair to inform you that this is no ordinary lava in the understanding, to which all are used to. Its feature is the presence of substantial amounts of sulfur. When the mass flows on the surface, it produces sulfur dioxide, which burns at a temperature of about six hundred degrees Celsius. And if you look closely at the photos accompanying this article, it can be seen. It is necessary to note one feature – a surprising effect nailushim properly visible at night due to the fact that the emission of gas combustion is very weak. During the day, as a rule, the lava is red. But the night is the real feeriya paints are visible! This place attracts not only ordinary visitors, and journalists who like to shoot documentaries here. To avoid disappointment on the visit should be noted that such a phenomenon can be observed, alas, not every night. The reason for this may be as weak emissions of lava, and a ban on visiting the place because of the unstable situation.

And now let’s go directly to the caldera. Its highest point — Mount Merapi is a stratovolcano, rising above the sea level at 2803 meters. It is located in the south-eastern slope. In general, the majority of volcanic formations came here just on the south side. But in the north, on the other hand, he formed an arcuate ridge. Subduction zone, which is located Kawah Ijen, stretches more than twenty-five kilometers. When approaching not even say that there are close to the volcano. Around him stretched kavovye plantations and rice fields, and on the slopes there are fields and meadows.

Lake Kawah is a combination of sulfuric and hydrochloric acids. It is usually considered to be the color of emerald. On the surface temperature is about sixty degrees Celsius, although it can glubline to step over the line of two hundred degrees! Once enthusiasts, it was decided to find out just how dangerous mixture in the lake, and they stuck to it for five minutes, the aluminum sheet (which, incidentally, very well react with acids). And when he pulled out the remains of it, so to say, not much. When you visit this site you must wear protective masks with filters that protect the system from harmful of Respiratory and very poisonous sulfur fumes. But there is a positive point. Thus, due to the fact that the red-hot gases of high temperature, then it often occurs in discharge voltage, which is accompanied by the appearance of flashes electric blue. Moreover, they may reach five meters in length. That is to say, the lightning in miniature. Complementing the overall picture of the presence of five grams of molten aluminum in one liter of liquid. Just explosive mixture!

Geologically, the area began to take shape back in the Pleistocene. Then there was a caldera. And it has already started to form volcanic cones. Now it is safe to say that the basic “building” material – is basalt, basaltic andesites, andesite simply, pikrobazalty and dacite. Kawa Ijen is an active volcano. The last violent eruption happened here three weeks of November in 1936. Then, because of relatively high activity in the caldera directly Even streams out of their banks. But even now, standing on the shore of the volcano can be seen that he was just asleep, but not awake. So, regularly changing the color of the water Kawah. He then green, then white, then brown. Also, due to the activity of sulfur dioxide there is a strong foam. And if you’re lucky, you can even feel a slight tremors in strength. Their number reaches a few hundred a year, so the chance to feel on itself light shifts letosfery quite possible.

The interest here is the mining of sulfur, which is done in the traditional way — by hand. It should be noted that this work is not light, moreover, is extremely dangerous to health. Complicating the situation of local workers and the fact that they have little or no respirators. To protect the respiratory tract often use wet cloths that tuck into the mouth. But even these measures have little help, and according to some, hard workers on this job on average live only 47 years. By the way, from the height of workers with baskets on their shoulders pretty well complement the overall picture. Yet they work really hard. Some tourists who have visited here give employees their respirators. Well, it is a valuable gift! production process usually looks as follows. Initially sulfur reaches the surface of molten red liquid, which flows from the cracking. Over time, it cools down and changes its color to yellow. Then divide the frozen substance crowbars and shovels, loaded into baskets and belongs to the shipping station. Despite this artisanal mining, in Kawa Ijen extract the purest and expensive sulfur in Indonesia, which is used for bleaching sugar and rubber vulcanization.

It is in this place (especially going down the hill to the blue lava) but remember The Divine Comedy by Dante and his nine circles of hell! Initially, when lifting the impression of living area, but gradually appear empty and lifeless slopes, clubs acrid smoke, burning hot sulfur flowing and at the end — a smooth, emerald and dangerous lake.

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