China Pearl of the nine villages in the gorge

The site previously had an article about a place in China as the Jiuzhaigou National Park, also known as the valley of nine villages. Most of the information on this site can be discover from an article that has already been published. I only talk about a multiple of one of the most beautiful places in China, and focuses on the pearl of this place – the waterfall “Pearl”. Itself covered with virgin forest reserve on two-thirds of which live many birds and animals. Local plants that harbor the mountains and gorges affect human imagination with its splendor. Many lakes captivate people with its beauty.

But the greatest interest to us is the “Pearl beach”, in fact it turns into a beautiful and delightful waterfall. “Pearl” has a width of 310 meters and its height is 28 meters. Complementing the picture, and the way in which the water falls. Imagine the picture – it drops a thin layer, thus breaking up into small droplets-pearl. It is near to. And when seen from a distance, the water flows round stones envelop so that constitute the white bumpy surface. During the fall, they meet with large boulders, which help them to regroup, then again split into thin streams and discrete droplets, pearls, continuing its decline. Additional charm of this spectacle adds a rainbow on a sunny day and the mists that arise here in the early morning.

When winter comes and streams freeze, the place begins to resemble a pearl placers that someone had left in the middle of the white forest, nestled in snow. This delightful picture fascinates with its magical silence coming from the wonderful world of dreams, of which the dream of many who are forced to live in the modern world is constantly hustling. In the spring, when the neighborhood lodge an emerald green color and bloom the first flowers, the waterfall wakes up with new force directs the waters further. And because of that he is fed by melt water (do not forget about the presence of the mountains), then this time of year it is the most affluent. Summer walks around the place only add to physical and psychological health. “Pearl” bad cools the surrounding countryside, and provides the effect of inhalation. Many sprays, which contain minerals saturate the air. Of course, the hope for a complete cure diseases is not necessary, but for a long pastime still have a positive impact on health.

While, however, something similar could be said about many other waterfalls, for example – about the horse’s tail. Yet, each waterfall is unique. Is there something alluring, attracted a lot of other people, fantastic and unreal. And at a time of calm and tranquility lets you relax and at least for a moment to leave a world full of problems and concerns. As local residents live at the expense of state subsidies and income from tourism, they came up with many different miraculous effects of this water. So, the old-timers claim that water, falling down from the waterfall because of valuable substances, salts, minerals and biological deposits can successfully recover from skin diseases. Well, maybe so, because nature has thought up a lot of drugs for many diseases, but to check the veracity of these allegations were not the reason. In addition, it can serve as an inspiration for creative work. This contributes not only to the beauty of the place, but also a pleasant atmosphere.

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