Tunnel of Love

Nature knows how to surprise with its beauty, even interacting with a person. Adorable illustration of this statement is the Tunnel of Love. So called natural monument, which is a forest tunnel stretching for about four kilometers. It is located near the village of Klevan, which is in the Rivne region of Ukraine. This amazing place was formed around the railway that connects the villages Klevan and Orzhev. Tunnel of Love is a place of pilgrimage for lovers of pairs, and, of course, tourists. This is truly a magical place here attracts not only ordinary travelers, but also directors. So, on the account at the Tunnel of Love already have two jobs — a short film “Mina” and the romantic drama “Klevan: Tunnel of Love.” What is striking is the fact that the latter was filmed by the Japanese. Therefore, we can confidently talk about the fact that this natural monument is known far beyond the borders of Ukraine.

How formed this amazing place? The rational explanation is that there is not pruned trees, which continues to grow and at the same time three times a day goes industrial train that transports the necessary materials located near the plant. When he runs, it breaks all the shoots of plants that reach for the rail. Thanks to this “connivance” and intervention techniques, and there was a delightful place that resembles the arch. Although the local residents can hear a beautiful legend about this place. For example, it states that a couple in love was lost among the trees. Due to the inability to form a family (opposition from parents), she threw herself into a swamp, which was rich in this area, and drowned, and the guy went to look for her and disappeared. Now there are rumors that are periodically at night you can see the flame of the kid who is looking for his beloved. Silent witnesses of those events in their memory and formed the crown of his beautiful tunnel by which it was decided to build a road for trains that are now supplying wood to Orzhevsk woodworking plant. He still acts, and the train, walked three times a day, it serves him. Therefore, when the walk to this place you need to keep care and be careful.

The cause of the Tunnel of Love is also called the fact that previously there were located military bases. Between them it was necessary to establish a connection, but so that it remained unnoticed for aerial observers. Therefore, for camouflage and it was decided to plant vegetation around the railroad, which could hide the movement of the machinery. Subsequently, military bases have become not necessary, and a beautiful picture is supported by commercial means. By the way, when you visit these places, you can pay attention to nearby monuments and architecture. The truth is most of them are very pitiful sight of the fact that no one cares for them.

The magic atmosphere that is created is only intensifies the romantic feeling due to heavy tree canopy. The best time to visit this place is spring, summer and autumn, when foliage is dissolved and poured juices, playing numerous shades. Towards the autumn, when the trees begin to turn yellow, Tunnel of Love changes its color, but the atmosphere is magic, believe me, does not disappear. The only times when there is quite boring, it’s late autumn, when the trees are thrown off the leaves, but has not snowed and early spring, when winter has receded, but the greens have not yet appeared. In winter, this place is best visited after a heavy snowfall. When the neighborhood sheltered white carpet, it creates a beautiful effect that it did not describe in words. This place is both romantic and delicious. In the summer and so beautiful picture adds more and birdsong. And if you take a close look at the green, we can see squirrels, who deftly jumping from branch to branch. In a word – picture of lovely, though immediately took out the canvas, paints and start rubbings.

These things delightful place quite famous among the people of Ukraine and beyond its borders. So get to it can be very easy – for this purpose equally well suited and a private car and train, and taxi. Visiting this place is not hard to find a group of newlyweds, who are photographed here. They love to be in the Tunnel of Love and a beloved pair. If there is a desire to meet people as little as possible, it is best to visit this attraction on a weekday, since the weekend a lot of people here. If there is no second halves, then you can walk alone or with friends, admiring the surrounding medium shades. I can give a little advice – when you visit the Tunnel of Love to get dressed in tight clothes and stock up special mosquito sprays. If this is not done, then there is a very high chance to get acquainted with the local “selective” hungry and angry mosquitoes.

When strolling through this place, it is literally “embrace” whole palette of feelings. So, when you walk on the arch of greenery, which is like a good set up wizards, it creates the impression that the only costs to go to the end, and your life will change dramatically. Complete the picture and two rails, which are symbols of the path (especially pay attention to the fact that the two of them, which symbolizes the fate of two lovers who are together for life). And when you stand here, it’s hard not to believe that one has only to think of here happy share, and the wish will come true. By the way, if you ask the locals, and when it is best to visit this place, then they will give a very… unexpected answer. So, they believe that it is best to look Tunnel of Love… at night! Not in summer, fall, spring or winter, and in the night! Agree on an answer, and do not count.

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